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        About this web site
        • Microsoft's Internet Explorer8 or higher is the recommended web browser of this site.
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        About links to this site
        In principle, you may link freely to this site regardless of whether it is commercial or noncommercial. Please take note that, however, placing a link to this site may not be permitted in some cases. Take notice to the following points when placing a link to this site:

        • Be sure to place a link to the top page of this site.
        • Pages in this web site may be modified or deleted without any prior notice.
        • Please inform us by email about placing a link to this site.

        We firmly reject placing a link from a web site that contains offensive or defaming information about products of KATO WORKS CO., LTD., a link from a site that contains information that damages our credit, or a link from a site that contains illegal information.